Corrie Loftin of Beauty Balance 

"It took a while. At the tail end of a cooler-than-usual summer, August made up for lost time: The sweltering heat and humidity that we have all come to expect finally arrived and put some sizzle in our summer. Since DFW has a well-deserved reputation for being so hot, this is when we celebrate all things that go along with summertime here, including some of the hottest people in the area at some of the coolest locations the Metroplex has to offer.

This year’s bevy of “it” women and men is a nod to the sports-obsessed nature of North Texas: You’ll meet a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, an NBA dancer, an Ice Angel, a former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader and a former Dallas Stars Ice Girl. We even have a beautiful woman who once played football herself and now owns her own business that specializes in helping DFW residents join “Team Sexy.”

There is a former infantry soldier turned life coach whose job is to keep America’s sweethearts in perfect shape, and an energy drink entrepreneur who is immersed in bodybuilding.

You might notice a few new spots in our roster of photo-shoot locations, giving a little more love to the D and the FW in the Hot Issue. . You’ll catch our models hanging out at North Texas landmarks, such as the World’s Largest Honky Tonk, a beach that sits in the shadows of downtown Fort Worth, an eye-popping stadium that sits directly between the two major cities, a bridge that is a modern work of art and an iconic tower that fills out the downtown Dallas skyline.

We even wrapped things up back where began in 2010 for our inaugural Hot Issue — at the sleek W Dallas Victory Hotel, where we’ll take you to the Wet Deck pool area and all the way up to the newly renovated Altitude, with its panoramic view of Dallas from 33 floors above the cosmopolitan city.

Come along with us. It’s time to meet the heat."

September 26, 2014 — Billi Doyle

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